EBook 1: Warrior Women of the Isthmus

Compared to the world of skinny fashion models and media ruling the way women should look and behave, the Isthmus Zapotec culture of southern Mexico is a land of free thinking entrepreneurial warrior women.

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Tehuanas, as they have become known, run the markets, manage the family purse, and are generally regarded – even by the men – to be the more intelligent of the sexes. During the course of history they have inspired artists, intellectuals and politicians, and risen to the status of national icon of Mexico.

I feel there are definitely some lessons we could learn from this culture, not least how to break free from the mould others create for us.

Join us on a quest that delves into the structure of family and social hierarchy to find a real-life matriarchy!

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Culture facts:

Location: Isthmus of Tehuantepec, southern Mexico.

Population: Roughly 500,000, but only 100,000 speak the local Isthmus Zapotec language. An unidentified number have migrated to the USA, and 83,000 live in other parts of Mexico.

Religion: 80% Roman Catholic mixed with pre-Hispanic beliefs, 20% Protestant.

Status of the group: According to the Mexican constitution all indigenous groups, including the Isthmus Zapotecs, have rights to preserve their own language and traditions.

Matriarchal features:

  • Wives look after family money and govern the household.
  • Women dominate business at the markets.
  • Women are considered – even by men – to be the more intelligent and rational of the sexes.
  • Women often play an active role in political movements and rebellions.

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