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Space Baby on the Jurassic Coast

Our new stop-motion animated film is near completion!

It features the wonderful and diverse Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, some strange animated creatures, a one year old and some techno music.

SpaceBaby on the Jurassic Coast

Where Women Rule!

A quest to find the last matriarchal cultures on the planet – where women have naturally become strong, without having to fight for their rights!

The fourth eBook is now out…

All eBooks in the series:



cover-zapotec cover-minang cover-mosuo cover-khasi


Giant of the Mau Forest

An animated and real-life documentary tackling the controversial issue of illegal tribal hunting in Kenya’s Mau Forest.



The Swim

Stop-motion short from Branscombe beach:

It’s always good to have a nice invigorating swim – no matter how cold!




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