Plastic Pedro wakes up on a far away beach and wonders who he is, what he is, and why he is here?

Beach Plastic Stories

A series of photo stories and doodles about washed up sea plastic. Featuring weird creatures from the exotic to temperate coasts.

SpaceBaby on the Jurassic Coast

Space Baby

Hybrid Animated Film:

The creatures of the Jurassic Coast are under threat from beach plastic. Can our alien space baby solve the disturbing problems developing on each beach?

Giant of the Mau Forest

Real/Anim documentary, tackling the controversial issue of illegal tribal hunting in Kenya’s Mau Forest.

Land of Lost Male Rights

EBook number 4 is out in the Where Women Rule Series.

Drink tea with the Khasi women of Northeast India, and learn how they have inherited unprecedented powers over the family – driving the men to campaign for equal rights!

The Swim

Stop-motion from Branscombe beach:

It’s always good to have a nice invigorating swim – no matter how cold!

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