Hide & Seek

A spooky game is created by a young girl during the first covid lockdown.

Coming soon…


Hybrid animated film featuring our 1yr old, some techno music, and the spectacular Jurassic Coast.

Where Women Rule

A set of eBook videos describing how the women have risen to power in four potential matriarchal cultures.

Pebble People

Stop-motion shorts of pebble people coming to a sticky end along the Jurassic Coast.

Giant of the Mau Forest

Animated/Live-action documentary

A group of Ogiek realise their traditional, but highly illegal, hunting practices have to change, and turn to an old folktale for answers.

Karamoja City Warriors

Animated/Real-life documentary

As a result of tribal conflict and famine, the women of Karamojaland have started to traffic children to the city for begging in order to survive.