Matriarchal animation

Here are four animated shorts explaining the cultural abnormalities of four the most extreme matriarchal societies on the planet. (Book Trailers for Where Women Rule!)

Culture 1 – Warrior Women of the Isthmus – MEXICO

Compared to the world of skinny fashion models and media ruling the way women should look and behave, the Isthmus Zapotec culture of southern Mexico is a land of free thinking entrepreneurial warrior women.

Culture 2 – Unexpected Matriarchs – INDONESIA

In an age when all we hear about are the extreme measures being brought against women in the Muslim world, the Minangkabau culture of West Sumatra is a complete breath of fresh air.

Culture 3 – Kingdom of Free Love – CHINA

High in the Chinese Himalayas the remote Mosuo tribe is fast becoming a major tourist attraction – officially promoted as a ‘Kingdom of Women’, but unofficially tagged a sex theme park!

Culture 4 – Land of Lost Male Rights – INDIA

In the far northeast of India the women enjoy such powers over the family that the men have set up male rights groups and are desperately fighting for equality!


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