“In our culture the man can marry as many women as he likes, depending on how many goats, cows, or camels he has. Women do not have rights, and are often mistreated by their husbands…”

So, Rebecca set up a group with fifteen women called ‘Umoja Uaso Women’s Group’. This group eventually became a village – a safe haven for the local women, where equality of the sexes is the main objective.


Location: Umoja village, Samburu County, northern Kenya.

Population: About 47 women and their children.

Religion: Christian, Muslim, with aspects of local indigenous beliefs.

Language: Swahili, Sambur, English.

Matriarchal features

  • Only women and their children (female and male) are allowed to live with in the village.
  • Only women control the main running of the village, although boys and men also have a say.
  • Women are only allowed to meet lovers from other areas, outside the village.